The next step on the Yoga path.

April 2014

Hello all! I would like to introduce you to my friend Yoga. Yoga is often misunderstood as something others do or something to float back and forth and in and out of. The truth is none of these perceptions could be further from the truth.

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Yoga as a word means “unite”. Yoga as a friend helps you gain a space where you can learn to listen to your own body and adjust to your own needs. Yoga s a steady practice enables you to monitor your own unique progress and gain your own unique successes as time flows forward. Yoga as a goal unites the body with the mind and the mind with the soul, allowing you to see and feel and flow with your own positive energy and be guided by your inner light and peace of mind. While it is a proven and well recorded fact that Yoga has a great many physical and mental benefits (which we will be discussing at length later) it all starts from that quiet place inside of each of us where the answers to the following questions reside:

1. Are you willing to try?

2. Do you have the desire to gain unique new success?

3. Would you like the space to focus on you and only you? ( the world will not fall apart in an hour…chill out!)


As simple as these three questions may seem they are deserving of several minutes of complex thought. Willingness, drive, and focus are not simple possessions, and finding the raw honest answers is no easy task. I invite you to truly think it over and be honest with yourself. Also keep in mind that as you are putting your energy and thought into finding these answers, you are practicing a branch of Yoga called Raja Yoga, the Yoga/uniting of the mind. Meditation, exploration of self, gaining of knowledge and seeking the answers to the questions that reside inside of us are all descriptions of what Raja Yoga is. So now that you are an experienced Yogi, join me for a class and lets take the next step on the yoga path together.




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