Peace, Love and Yoga for Everyone

As  a person, I love finding things that inspire me to be better, do better, feel better. As a yoga Guide, I love finding ways to turn those personally inspirational moments into inspiring experiences for People who attend my classes.

Hands to the sky

This week I have been surrounded by an energy of all inclusive peace and love. It started with an article ( ) about adapting your Downward Dog. This of course touched my Yogi heart because it fell in line with my 3 favorite things to say.
1: Start from where you are and move forward from there.
2: Everyone is different, thus everyone’s Yoga is different.
3: Lets work together to find YOUR Yoga.
All three of these things crave adaptations in order for each individual to grow and gain success on their personal Yoga path.
yoga sunset
From The article this all inclusive spirit guided me to a student who returned to class after a very disappointing first class. The first class was upsetting because of this students need for adaptations that I had not yet learned to understand. Overjoyed that said student decided to return, I was ready with adaptations that led to a more beneficial experience for this student, myself, and the other student in the class. The all inclusive spirit, I believe struck all three of us that night in class.
down dog
The Third experience Was the friendship party that my son had at school, instead of Valentine’s day. Not everyone can participate in holiday fun, so the school Like many others, changes the names and slightly the meanings of these holiday celebration times so that everyone can participate. While talking about this to random people in my life and listening to the upsets over political correctness or expressions of how cute the party idea was, I myself, ( who was thinking about the weirdness of parents, seriously it’s a love day.) became more and more in love with the fact that as I am learning more ways to include adaptations in my life and classes to be able to include everyone who is willing and kind,  my precious child is learning the same.
images (3)
Peace and love and happiness is for everyone just as Yoga is for everyone. Please explore, experiment and enjoy.

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