Build Positive Energy, Create Positive Movement

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I have yet to meet one person who doesn’t need a positive change in some area of their lives. Even the happiest most well balanced person I know speaks of upset, stresses, tension and hard times. So the question becomes How do I remain focused on the positive things my life has to offer? In my personal opinion that answer is: Find the best way for you to build positive energy, practice it regularly, and then turn that positive energy into positive movement. Here are three ways that I have success in building positive energy. Hopefully one or all of these things will help you too.


1. The mind: Because I am not one who has a lot of extra time on my hands ( seriously who does) I have created an environment that tosses positive things and inspiring messages into my existence. It’s so easy and makes me want to make the time to read more, do more, research more etc. Example #1: Facebook. (Pause for shameless plug: MCHobdy On FB) I Like pages that give a positive message. If a friends posts something that I find encouraging or helpful and there is a page that posts such things regularly, LIKE IT! Posts pop up, I have something positive coming to me every time I get on Facebook to play. Also, What are your interests? What makes you happy, feel good and want to take action towards success in life? Find it LIKE IT. Turn Facebook, twitter, Instagram, any social media site you enjoy on a regular basis into not only fun time but inspiration time as well. By seeing, paying attention to and actively absorbing these small and short inspirational moments, you are building positive energy within yourself. Allowing yourself to see the positive in life. Not that you are ignoring the negative, Sometimes you need to know whats happening around you and its not always positive. However the more positive you allow in, the stronger and more clear minded you will be to handle the negative in the best way possible.

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2: The body: Of course I love yoga and feel like EVERYONE should find at least one hour a week to practice Yoga, However even I know that yoga is not the end all be all to physical health. Take care of yourself. Plain and simple. You are the only you that will ever be. Do you want to LIVE and be well and happy or do you just want to be alive and settle until the end? It is CERTAINLY not always easy to reach our fitness goals. However you can find the help you need if you are willing to put in the work. Working towards a better you will make you feel better. The better you feel the more you will want to exercise and eat well. Cheating doesn’t happen if a good balanced plan is in place. This really all ties back into the types of motivation and information you are allowing yourself to absorb. Are you surrounding all parts of yourself with good people, good information and positive encouraging energy? When you have even the smallest chance are you not just recognizing it, but using it for positive movement?

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3: The spirit: This part of building positive energy and turning it into positive movement is VERY different for everyone and very personal. For some this means regularly attending church or another religious gathering. For others this will mean a regular practice of meditation and exploring within. What ever it means to you. There is no doubt that peace of mind and spiritual wellness are linked within each individual. Taking time to check in with yourself and remain anchored in your beliefs and activities that keep you grounded, focused and understanding the things that you can control verses the things that you can not control will go along way to reserving and saving energy for beneficial things and not wasting energy on negative things or things that you can not change. Turning this spiritual energy into positive motion whether its, going to a spiritual gathering, helping others achieve personal goals, volunteering, anything that puts that positive energy out into your community strengthens your environment, thus comes back around to strengthening you as a person. When you are strong you can use your strength to help others become strong. Contribute to the positive circle of giving and receiving.

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2 thoughts on “Build Positive Energy, Create Positive Movement

  1. Very enjoyable blog. I love your outlook on life. I am totally rubbish at yoga -do my own so called poses cause I can’t quite get them – lol. I do a bit of gym and a bit of meditation. Looking forward to reading your post, this was very enjoyable

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. Always remember that yoga is about starting from where you are and moving forward from there. Every time you practice again, you’ve reached success in yoga. Please keep practicing!!

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