Just being me.

Living in the Sun


I love, love ,love to write. It has always been my go to stress reliever, just get it off my chest and leave it in the past. Some times literally like when I leave old journals in old apartments or throwing them away and one time burning a particularly painful collection of journal entries. Then I made the step into a few blog posts about the subject I knew the most, Yoga. Those turned out well and I as very encouraged so I wrote a few. Then I stopped. I let life get in the way and I lost my balance, my release, my leave it in the past method, and life became heavy. Now I just want to share, release, learn and write about life, experiences, love health, family, choices, whatever strikes me. I want to take challenges, put myself out there and charge and a positive lightweight future like a bull!!! I want to be me and write about it. Hopefully others will enjoy, learn and grow with me.



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