Not there yet.


As I sit here trying to keep up my motivation to continue writing, I m overwhelmed by the lack of everything I am surrounded with. The confusing thing is everything I am surrounded by is beautiful and flourishing. The land, the trees, the animals, this is so very close to exactly what I was aiming for when we decided to come here. I can see it, smell it, taste it  feel it, every morning when I wake up and every night as I fall asleep.  Its here I’m in it, I live here. So why do I feel so blah…..? It’s the word of the day: Flourish. In my goals and dreams and all things considered in moving our animals to this island, I saw us flourishing, living a glorious life in the sun, a great mixture of modern life with old school values, organic foods that we grow ourselves, children who understand the value of hard work, a dollar, makers, but who also have the world at there finger tips with endless opportunities and possibilities for the future that awaits them. As much as I remind myself that we are only a month and a half in and have made great progress, some days the visions of my family flourishing become more overwhelming than inspirational. Today I have been stalling entering my daily post even though I really liked the word choice today. So as I examined and thought through what u would write I discovered, at this point in the journey and on days like these, it really does come down to not letting go. I am allowing to much energy to stay behind in things that have already changed. Life has moved forward and I am still looking he wrong way. It’s again time to turnaround, and adjust my focus. We will flourish.


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